There are 3 options in funding the care you want:

1. Self funding

You may prefer to fund your care privately or be ineligible for state funding. If you would like to receive a quote for your care at home service based on your individual needs, please contact us.

Please be aware that even if you don’t qualify for state funding, Social Services may offer to organise care on your behalf. However, you may end up paying Social Services more per hour than if you engage us directly.

If you need advice on care funding options, we would recommend that you contact a Financial Advisor (FA) who has Care Fee Planning knowledge and experience.

2. State funding

You may be eligible to receive help with funding care in your own home from the Government. You have the right to request a free care assessment from your local Social Services department; this can include a community care assessment and a means-tested financial assessment, to see if you are eligible to receive support with the cost of your care.

Be aware that you are not obliged to use Social Services choice of provider if you do qualify for funding and can request Direct Payment funding at any time. This allows you the freedom to choose your preferred supplier of care.

3. Direct payments

If you have been assessed as needing care services, you may be offered Direct Payments; if not then you are entitled to request Direct Payments. As part of this arrangement you will receive payments directly from your local council which will allow you to choose your own care provider. These payments are designed to support you to remain living at home, as well as encourage independence and social inclusion in areas such as employment, education, leisure activities and accessing the community.

Central Government is looking to increase the number of people who receive direct payments, allowing more people access to the benefits that they bring. If you are considered eligible for support with funding, your local council are duty bound to consider direct payments as an option, instead of making decisions on your behalf.

If the care you require costs more than the value of direct payment, as you are effectively choosing and purchasing your own services you can top up your direct payment to receive additional services. This allows you to buy your care from the organisation you prefer and organise services in addition to those your local council has assessed for.

Whether your care is funded through private or public funds, Awel Homecare and Support makes no distinction and will deliver the highest quality home care service tailored to your individual requirements.